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Grandma, Mum And Daughter Often Mistaken For Sisters

Grandma Daughter Sisters

  65-year-old bodybuilder Lesley Maxwell, her daughter Vanessa Christofi and her granddaughter Tia Christofi who’s 22 years old are often mistaken as sisters.     It’s not just their facial features that make them look alike, but even their fashion sense.   This iconic trio even share their own wardrobes with each other.     […]

WATCH: Mum Hires Stripper For Daughter’s Barbie Party

Mum Stripper Daughter Barbie Party

  Barbie gone wild!   With Barbie now out in cinemas, a woman shared a funny story about what happened at her Barbie themed fifth birthday party.   @joilia_go0lia posted a video on TikTok to explain exactly what happened.     She said that, as a child, she was absolutely obsessed with Barbie, so her […]

First Mother & Daughter To Fly Internationally As Pilots Make History

Mother Daughter Pilots History

  Nicole McCallister and Teri Edison are the first mother-daughter team to fly an international plane.     The two are FedEx pilots, and after operating an aircraft from Memphis to South Korea, they created history.   They succeeded coincidentally 91 years after Amelia Earhart’s historic first transatlantic flight.  

Dad Designs Shoes To Help Paralyzed Daughter Walk

Dad Shoes Paralyzed Daughter Walk

This is too adorable     This father wanted to give his daughter a chance to experience the sensation of walking.   So he invented special shoes for her which allow her to walk with his help.  

Mum Wins $2M With Lottery Ticket She Bought After Her Daughter Beat Cancer

Mum Lottery Daughter Cancer

  Well deserved!     A Florida grandma purchased the final scratch-off from her favorite lottery game after spending her entire life savings to pay for her daughter’s breast cancer treatment.   To her surprise, she won the $2 million cash prize from the lottery.   Geraldine Gimblet of Lakeland was rejoicing when Lawrencia Jackson, […]

WATCH: Father Discovers His Anonymous Kidney Donor Was His Own Daughter

Father Kidney Donor Daughter

  What a wholesome reaction!   The internet is exploding with videos of a parent sobbing after learning that his daughter was his anonymous kidney donor.     The video was posted by the daughter on her TikTok page, and her father’s response had the internet in tears. In the video, the daughter can be seen […]