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The 3 Most Narcissistic Zodiac Signs Revealed

Narcissistic Zodiac Signs

  Narcissism is frequently described by authoritarian behaviour patterns, a lack of regret, great grandiosity, and superficiality.   The three star signs most likely to be narcissists have been identified by Reda Wigle, an astrologer who writes for the New York Post.   The ones to watch out for are listed below: Leo (July 23-August […]

WATCH: Mum Hires Stripper For Daughter’s Barbie Party

Mum Stripper Daughter Barbie Party

  Barbie gone wild!   With Barbie now out in cinemas, a woman shared a funny story about what happened at her Barbie themed fifth birthday party.   @joilia_go0lia posted a video on TikTok to explain exactly what happened.     She said that, as a child, she was absolutely obsessed with Barbie, so her […]

Places In Egypt To Visit At Least Once Before You Die

Places Egypt Die

  Who would you visit these places with?     Egypt is one of the oldest, mysterious and ancient civilizations on the planet. It offers a 5000-year history and two of the world’s seven ancient marvels.   Check out some of the most beautiful spots in Egypt you should definitely visit:   Great Sphinx of […]

Maltese Personalities As Their Cartoon Lookalikes

Maltese Personalities Cartoon Lookalikes

  Introducing Maltese personalities and their cartoon lookalikes! ⁠ You guys loved last week’s Bay personalities as their cartoon lookalikes – so this week we picked local faces you’ll surely recognize. ⁠ Check them out here:                      

Actor’s Show Sold Out After Posting That 1 Person Went

Actor Show Sold Out

  An actor’s tearful message about only one person coming to her show recently went viral on her social media.     Her tweet gained a lot of attention, with hundreds of supportive replies and over 11 million views. Many celebrities and artists also chimed in to share their own embarrassing stories.   There was […]

Why We Never See Cartoon Characters’ Faces Revealed

Cartoon Characters Faces

  Have you ever wondered why we never see some cartoon characters’ face? – well the real reason behind this has recently been revealed.     Given that so many of these cartoons were focused on animals or kids, they’re also often presented from an animal’s or kid’s perspective. Meaning, if they were to look […]

This City In Italy Is Being Called The New Amalfi

City Italy Amalfi

  One of the most famous spots in Italy, that we’re certain all of you know, is Amalfi. Amalfi can be found on Italy’s southwest coast just below steep cliffs.     Despite its beauty, Amalfi can be rather expensive. However, another Italian city is rising in fame for being equally beautiful and affordable.   […]

8-Year-Old Boy Lets Black Widow Bite Him To Be Spider-Man

Boy Black Widow Spider-Man

  We all thought about this growing up!     An 8-year-old boy from Bolivia allowed a black widow spider to bite him in order to achieve his dream of becoming Spider-Man.   The child searched for the spider until finding one under a stone.   He then proceeded to place it on the back […]

12 Y/O Millionaire Buys Car Costing More Than €200K

12 Millionaire Car

  We’re jealous!   Young millionaire Pixie Curtis recently purchased a brand-new car for herself.     Since moving to Singapore last week, the 12-year-old started looking for a new vehicle.   Pixie, who is already a billionaire from the business she and her mother founded, uploaded a picture of herself inspecting a new car […]

Taylor Swift Fan Resells Eras Ticket For $14K For College

Who on earth is buying a concert ticker for such a hefty sum 💰?!     Isaac Jarman spilled the beans on TikTok, disclosing that he managed to offload his fourth-row tickets for an upcoming concert from Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated The Eras Tour, all for an astonishing and jaw-dropping $14,000 🤯. A few devoted […]

Eden Cinemas Is Hosting A Barbie Pyjama Party

Embrace the Barbie enchantment right from your slumber! ✨     Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 27th, and step into a world of Barbie wonder at Eden Cinemas with the ultimate Barbie PJ Party 🎊   Whether you’ve already delighted in the Barbie Movie or yearn to relive its charm with your pals, this […]

Harry Styles Rumoured To Be Dating Taylor Russell

Seems like Harry Styles has a new girlfriend   Harry Styles has officially confirmed his relationship with Taylor Russell, showcasing their undeniable affection during an intimate outing in London on Wednesday. The 29-year-old singer discreetly attended the premiere of the actress’ latest play, “The Effect,” at the National Theatre. The duo’s undeniable closeness was on […]

Sound Salon Returns To UNO On 26th August

Are you ready for Sound Salon’s Big Night Out? 🤩   Gear up for a marathon of non-stop beats, and pulse-raising rhythms that will have you dancing like a champion. 🏅🎉   Circle the date on your calendar, brace yourself for an electrifying night, and let’s groove our way to ultimate excellence! 🕺   Get […]

Ed Sheeran Gets His First Gender Reveal Wrong

A gender reveal mix up 😂   During his recent Kansas City concert, Ed Sheeran attempted his inaugural on-stage gender reveal, though it appears he could use a bit more practice. The couple involved shared with a local news station that, contrary to Sheeran’s announcement, their upcoming baby is not, in fact, a girl. Erica […]