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Trans Inmate Sues Men’s Prison & Wins $495,000


Following a discrimination lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Corrections, a transgender inmate has reached a settlement that includes significant changes in their treatment.


Christina Lusk, a 57-year-old inmate serving time for a felony drug offense, will be transferred to a women’s prison in Shakopee, marking the first instance in Minnesota of an inmate being relocated based on gender identity. As part of the agreement, the Minnesota DOC has committed to granting Lusk’s request for a vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure. Additionally, the department has agreed to strengthen its policies regarding transgender inmates. Lusk, who had previously undergone “top surgery” before entering prison, had been advocating for the availability of vaginoplasty during their incarceration.


Trans inmate to move to women's prison after settling lawsuit against  Minnesota : NPR


The lawsuit, initiated by advocacy group Gender Justice on behalf of Lusk, highlighted instances of sexual abuse and mistreatment suffered by Lusk from both fellow inmates and staff members at the male facility. The lawsuit demanded appropriate treatment for Lusk and their transfer to a women’s correctional facility.


This settlement signifies a significant step forward in recognizing the rights and needs of transgender inmates, and it underscores the importance of ensuring their safety, dignity, and access to appropriate healthcare.