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Study Finds People Actually Become Adults In Their 30s

Study Adults People 30

  What are your thoughts on this?   According to recent studies, people don’t become adults until they’re in their 30s.   “To have a definition of when you move from childhood to adulthood looks increasingly absurd… It’s a much more nuanced transition that takes place over three decades.” – Professor Peter Jones from Cambridge […]

Women Are Turned Off By Men Who Listen To Joe Rogan

  Do you consider this a red flag? 🚩     Over 1000 individuals between the ages of 18-34 where interviewed in Change Research’s latest survey, where it was found that 55% of women said that men who listen to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast are a red flag.   Moreover, 35% of men said […]

STUDY FINDS: The Holy Bible Is The Most Stolen Book In The World

The irony is real 😅   The Holy Bible, known as the Best-selling Book of all time, holds a surprising distinction—it is also the most commonly shoplifted book worldwide, with a notable tendency of being taken from hotel rooms.   This irony is evident when we consider that the Bible is not only the most […]

STUDY FINDS: People With Blue Eyes Tend To Drink More Alcohol

  A fascinating discovery emerged as researchers delved into a vast database comprising thousands of individuals with alcohol dependency. By meticulously examining the results, an intriguing observation came to light.   Within the database, the researchers selectively identified 1,263 samples, excluding individuals with European ancestry. Dr. Sulovari astutely noticed a potential correlation between a person’s […]

Study Finds Napping Can Actually Boost Your Creativity

Study Napping Boost Creativity

  MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers discovered that the mind is “particularly fertile” during the first few minutes of sleep, the initial period of sleep when a person floats between being awake and asleep.     According to research, persons who were given this prompting, also known as “targeted dream incubation,” produced more imaginative […]

STUDY FINDS: Male Fruit Flies Seek Alcohol When Sexually Rejected

fruit flies

  Looks like fruit flies aren’t the only ones hitting the bottle after a rough night!   According to scientists, male fruit flies that have been rejected by females tend to consume a significantly greater amount of alcohol compared to those that have freely mated. This research indicates that the flies’ behavior is influenced by […]

STUDY FINDS: The Reason Why Men Get More Sick Than Women

  Does that mean that men aren’t exaggerating? 🤔     Many men have likely been accused of having the “man flu” at some point, with friends and loved ones not fully believing the severity of their illness. The situation can be even worse if their partner or relative has recently overcome the same illness […]

STUDY FINDS: Smelling Other People’s Sweat Can Cure Anxiety

sweat cures anxiety

  New research suggests that sniffing body odour from other people may have a positive impact on treating social anxiety. The study involved taking armpit sweat from volunteers who watched different types of film clips, before using the samples alongside mindfulness therapy to treat social anxiety.     The results showed that mindfulness therapy was […]