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STUDY FINDS: The Holy Bible Is The Most Stolen Book In The World

The irony is real 😅


The Holy Bible, known as the Best-selling Book of all time, holds a surprising distinction—it is also the most commonly shoplifted book worldwide, with a notable tendency of being taken from hotel rooms.


This irony is evident when we consider that the Bible is not only the most translated and printed book but also explicitly declares “thou shall not steal,” emphasizing the importance of respecting others’ property. Although it is challenging to gather precise statistics, major booksellers universally report the Bible as the most frequently stolen book from their shelves. It is intriguing that the same text that teaches against theft is subject to such a paradoxical fate.


Several reasons have been identified to explain why individuals resort to stealing the Holy Bible. Firstly, during holiday shopping, some people choose to steal Bibles to use them as gifts. Secondly, there are those who steal Bibles with the intention of selling them later, either on the streets or through online platforms. Additionally, a perception exists among some individuals that the Bible should be freely accessible, leading them to take it without paying. Lastly, Bibles of exceptional quality can be quite expensive, making them tempting targets for theft.


Regardless of the reasons behind these actions, it is evident that they contradict the eighth commandment of God, which admonishes against stealing.