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Night Owls Are More Likely To Have Psychopathic Traits

Are you an early bird or a night owl?🦉


Dr. Peter Jonason of the UWS School of Social Sciences and Psychology conducted a study on over 250 individuals to explore the connection between their preference for morning or evening activities and the presence of ‘Dark Triad’ personality traits.


Published findings in Personality and Individual Differences reveal that night-active students exhibited more antisocial behaviors compared to those who slept early. Jonason notes, “Individuals with pronounced Dark Triad traits, akin to predators like lions and scorpions, thrive at night.” He suggests that for those embodying Dark Triad characteristics, who lead a ‘fast life’, exploiting the nighttime when others are less alert could be advantageous.


Jonason theorizes an evolutionary link between nocturnal preferences and antisocial behaviors, proposing that Dark Triad traits could be adaptations to evade detection in a societal ‘arms race’ against deceit. He explains that the cover of darkness aids in the behaviors associated with Dark Triad traits, such as casual sex and risk-taking, noting that criminal activities and sexual encounters predominantly occur at night, hinting at this connection.


While acknowledging the need for further research, Jonason believes these findings significantly contribute to understanding the evolutionary and ecological aspects of Dark Triad traits and the more obscure facets of human personality and nature. #nightowl #psychopath #study