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STUDY FINDS: People With Blue Eyes Tend To Drink More Alcohol


A fascinating discovery emerged as researchers delved into a vast database comprising thousands of individuals with alcohol dependency. By meticulously examining the results, an intriguing observation came to light.


Within the database, the researchers selectively identified 1,263 samples, excluding individuals with European ancestry. Dr. Sulovari astutely noticed a potential correlation between a person’s eye color and their propensity for alcohol dependency. To ensure the validity of their findings, the researchers meticulously cross-checked their work not once, not twice, but thrice.


Having Dark Eyes Raises Your Risk of Winter Blues


The results revealed a noteworthy association: individuals with lighter-colored eyes exhibited higher rates of alcohol dependency compared to those with darker-colored eyes. The shades of green, gray, and particularly various hues of blue exhibited the strongest inclinations toward alcoholism. Conversely, individuals with dark brown eyes demonstrated a lower likelihood of developing alcohol dependency.


This revelation opens up new avenues for further exploration and research into the underlying mechanisms behind this intriguing connection between eye color and alcohol dependency. Understanding these factors could potentially aid in the development of targeted interventions and personalized treatment approaches in the future.