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One Of A Kind Cat With 2 Noses Up For Adoption In UK

An adoption charity has characterized a homeless cat with two noses as an extraordinary feline!     This double-snouted cat has been given the name “Nanny McPhee,” in reference to the fictional character known for her distinctive nose shape. According to the staff at Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre, the cat’s dual noses are an […]

Missing Maltese Cat Reunites With Owner After 6 Months

What a wholesome turn of events.   A house cat with an orange coat, missing for the past half-year, has finally been located and joyfully reunited with her elated proprietors! Eve went astray approximately in mid-January of this year in the vicinity of Misrah Kola, though her owners began to lose hope as the weeks […]

Cat Accepted By Capybaras After Losing His Mum In Zoo

Cat Capybaras

He even has his own plaque!     Oyen is the ginger cat that became good friends with the capybaras at a zoo in Malaysia.     The capybara enclosure now has a new signage stating “Capybara & Oyen” after the cat started hanging out with the capybaras and became one of them.   @thatgoodnewsgirl […]

Sven’s Cat George Sadly Passes Away

Sven Cat George

  Fly high George!   Sven recently announced that his beloved cat George has sadly passed away.   This was after he had fallen sick in the past days.   Sven’s mum Shasha Fabri also expressed her loss on her social media saying: “My furry baby george just crossed over the rainbow bridge.”   Sending […]

Woman Divorces Husband After He Put Cat In Shelter

Woman Divorce Husband Cat

  A woman whose husband secretly gave her cherished cat to an animal shelter has revealed her intention to file for divorce.     The woman revealed in a Reddit post that she adopted her cat, Benji, in an effort to cope with the death of her father.   Although the cat makes her happy, […]

Doja Cat Meows And Acts As Cat In Met Gala Interview

The Met Gala occurred last night, bringing together luminaries from the entertainment industry to raise funds for charity and display their impressive fashion sense.   Although we’re accustomed to seeing celebrities donning extravagant attire each year, Doja Cat stole the show with her unconventional ensemble.   The musician arrived at the lavish event attired as […]

Cute Sliema Cat Attacked By Vicious Dog Now Looking For A Home

sliema cat attacked

  One of Sliema’s most well-known cats has been brutally attacked and is now in search of a permanent home to retire in.     Cats of Independence Gardens, an online page, shared photos of the injured ginger cat, stating that he was attacked by a chow chow at around 7:35 am yesterday, causing wounds […]

Stray Cat Who Died Gets Sweet Statue As Tribute

Stray Cat Statue Tribute

  Rest in Peace Tombili!     Tombili, which translates to “Chubby” in Turkish, was a beloved stray cat in Istanbul that would sit like this every day and watch over the neighborhood.   In the spot where Tombili used to sit, a statue was built after his passing.  

Cat Jumps On Imam During Live Prayer Broadcast

A cat made a surprise appearance in a live prayer broadcast during Ramadan in Algeria. The cat jumped onto Sheikh Walid Mehsas while he was reciting Taraweeh prayers, but the imam remained focused and undisturbed.   Later on, the cat reappeared, playing in front of the congregation as they concluded their prayers.   Although the […]