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One Of A Kind Cat With 2 Noses Up For Adoption In UK

An adoption charity has characterized a homeless cat with two noses as an extraordinary feline!



This double-snouted cat has been given the name “Nanny McPhee,” in reference to the fictional character known for her distinctive nose shape. According to the staff at Cats Protection’s Warrington Adoption Centre, the cat’s dual noses are an extremely rare occurrence. Fiona Brockbank, a senior field veterinary officer at Cats Protection, stated, “We have not encountered a cat with two noses in the Field Vet team before. This is a genuine rarity, and fortunately, it doesn’t pose any problems for her.”


She further explained, “Other congenital malformations in this region of a cat, such as a cleft lip or cleft palate, are relatively common and can be either inherited or caused by developmental issues in the womb. Like all of our cats, Nanny McPhee will be spayed before adoption to address any concerns about inherited issues, ensuring that she won’t have kittens.” Initially, it was believed that the four-year-old cat had a single, large nose, but a veterinarian examination revealed this unique facial feature. This black and white cat was brought to the Warrington Adoption Centre in search of a new home because her previous owners were unable to care for her due to health and financial challenges.