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Missing Maltese Cat Reunites With Owner After 6 Months

What a wholesome turn of events.


A house cat with an orange coat, missing for the past half-year, has finally been located and joyfully reunited with her elated proprietors!

Eve went astray approximately in mid-January of this year in the vicinity of Misrah Kola, though her owners began to lose hope as the weeks passed without her reappearing. Their optimism waned, and they began to fear they might never lay eyes on her again.

Nevertheless, against the odds, Eve persevered and remerged in Santa Lucia just a couple of weeks ago, catching the attention of a local caretaker for stray cats. The caretaker brought her to a veterinarian with the intention of having her neutered, only to discover that Eve was already neutered, leading them to suspect she had been deliberately abandoned. Consequently, Eve was taken to the Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines, as her friendly demeanour made it unsafe for her to remain on the streets alone.

It was during her stay there that they uncovered Eve’s microchip, which enabled them to promptly trace her owners.

After her six-month journey, Eve’s well-being had suffered, manifesting in a significant weight loss. Nonetheless, her condition is on the upswing now that she is convalescing alongside her relieved owners.