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Cat Accepted By Capybaras After Losing His Mum In Zoo

Cat Capybaras

He even has his own plaque!



Oyen is the ginger cat that became good friends with the capybaras at a zoo in Malaysia.


Gandingan Capybara dan Oyen lonjak pengunjung Zoo Negara


The capybara enclosure now has a new signage stating “Capybara & Oyen” after the cat started hanging out with the capybaras and became one of them.


@thatgoodnewsgirl Oyen, the cat who has been accepted by a herd of capybaras at Zoo Negara in Malaysia, now has his own official signage in front of the capybara habitat. 🐈 See more of Oyen and the capybaras at Zoo Negara’s account: @Zoo Negara Malaysia 📸 Zoo Negara / nabilnash_ #capybara #cat #catsoftiktok #capybaratiktok #goodnews #positivecontent ♬ original sound – jenn💜 good news & fun stories


He even eats alongside them but is given food according to his diet.