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Tinder Testing A.I. Tool To Help Pick Your Best Photos

A trial is underway on the dating app Tinder, where an artificial intelligence tool is being put to the test. Its objective is to curate the most attractive images from users’ collections, aiming to optimize the likelihood of receiving a positive swipe.


Functioning by analyzing a user’s photo collection, the tool will meticulously pick out the quintessential five images that encapsulate their essence.

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Bernard Kim, at the helm of Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, pointed out that this AI innovation could potentially alleviate the apprehension people feel about selecting the ideal profile picture. By entrusting the AI to make this choice, the stress associated with picture selection might be effectively mitigated.


“I really think AI can help our users build better profiles in a more efficient way that really do showcase their personalities,” Kim said in a call with investors and analysts.