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STUDY FINDS: People With Blue Eyes Tend To Drink More Alcohol

  A fascinating discovery emerged as researchers delved into a vast database comprising thousands of individuals with alcohol dependency. By meticulously examining the results, an intriguing observation came to light.   Within the database, the researchers selectively identified 1,263 samples, excluding individuals with European ancestry. Dr. Sulovari astutely noticed a potential correlation between a person’s […]

Having A Drink A Day Can Prevent Heart Attacks

Heart health benefits from moderate alcohol consumption     Recent research on the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption for keeping a healthy heart was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.   According to the study, which looked at data from more than 50,000 people, drinking one drink per day for women […]

STUDY FINDS: Male Fruit Flies Seek Alcohol When Sexually Rejected

fruit flies

  Looks like fruit flies aren’t the only ones hitting the bottle after a rough night!   According to scientists, male fruit flies that have been rejected by females tend to consume a significantly greater amount of alcohol compared to those that have freely mated. This research indicates that the flies’ behavior is influenced by […]