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Record 5.8 Million Used Tallinja In May

Malta Public Transport is announcing a record-breaking 5.8 million passengers who travelled by bus across the Maltese islands in May 2023.



This new record surpasses the previous high of 5.7 million passengers recorded in August 2019.


The consistent growth in passenger numbers is indicative of increasing confidence in public transportation. In fact, the percentage of people choosing to travel by bus, compared to private cars or other means of transport, has increased by 11% in 2023, up from 8% in 2021.


The service will be further enhanced with more frequent bus schedules, with an additional 550 daily bus trips, and extended services to popular coastal areas.


The bus stop shelters around the islands are currently being upgraded. Meanwhile, passengers are reminded that real-time bus arrival information is available free of charge on the Tallinja App, as well as through QR codes at each bus stop.


Malta Public Transport expresses gratitude to all passengers for their continued trust and support. By choosing sustainable travel with the bus service, every passenger contributes to reducing traffic congestion and emissions on our roads.