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People Urged Not To Throw Coins In Triton Fountain

Listen up if you every threw coins into the fountain 👂


Kenneth Cauchi, a renowned history consultant, has once again urged the public to refrain from throwing coins into the Triton Fountain, located just outside Valletta, the capital city of Malta.


During an interview on the television program ‘Popolin’ aired on TVM, Cauchi emphasized that while tossing coins into the fountain may be a traditional gesture for some, it is causing substantial damage to the structure. The coins contaminate the water and lead to rust stains on the basin’s bottom.

Malta and its famous Triton fountain Throw Pillow by Ronald Galang - Pixels

Cauchi further explained that the true essence of the Triton Fountain lies beneath its surface. The fountain operates through intricate engineering, mechanical, and electrical systems. Two pumps in the underground plant room continuously filter the water to maintain its clarity. The pump room, an underground facility, was constructed during the fountain’s restoration in 2017. Additionally, Cauchi highlighted that in the past, this fountain was known as Kingsgate Roundabout, and the name Triton is linked to its unveiling for public enjoyment in 1959.


The consultant revealed that during the restoration process a few years ago, one of the significant challenges faced was dealing with the expanding rust, which caused concrete damage and affected the statues. In light of these concerns, Cauchi’s appeal serves as a call to preserve the Triton Fountain’s structural integrity and protect it from further deterioration caused by the act of throwing coins.