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People Urged Not To Throw Coins In Triton Fountain

Listen up if you every threw coins into the fountain 👂   Kenneth Cauchi, a renowned history consultant, has once again urged the public to refrain from throwing coins into the Triton Fountain, located just outside Valletta, the capital city of Malta.   During an interview on the television program ‘Popolin’ aired on TVM, Cauchi […]

First Mother & Daughter To Fly Internationally As Pilots Make History

Mother Daughter Pilots History

  Nicole McCallister and Teri Edison are the first mother-daughter team to fly an international plane.     The two are FedEx pilots, and after operating an aircraft from Memphis to South Korea, they created history.   They succeeded coincidentally 91 years after Amelia Earhart’s historic first transatlantic flight.  

Celebrating Women’s Achievements Through The Years

In honour of Women’s Day today, let’s take a look at the groundbreaking things that women across the world did along the years 💖   Agatha Barbara   Rosa Parks     Serena Williams & Simone Biles   Malala Yousafzai   Mabel Strickland     Jane Goodall   Frida Kahlo