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Ancient 6 Inch Stone Penis Found In Recent Excavation

Archeologists found an ancient ‘Rock Hard’ surprise!     In a recent dig at the Meira tower in Ría de Vigo, Galicia, archaeologists made an unexpected find—a well-preserved ancient stone phallus measuring six inches in length. The primary goal of the excavation was to uncover the purpose of a large structure situated in the courtyard […]

Couples Who Tease Each Other Are Happier Together

Laughing truly is the best remedy 😂     It’s common to hear people mention that having a good sense of humor is one of the qualities they value most.   In fact, a lot of us seek it out in a romantic companion. And it’s understandable why: Laughing with someone else can be very […]

People Urged Not To Throw Coins In Triton Fountain

Listen up if you every threw coins into the fountain 👂   Kenneth Cauchi, a renowned history consultant, has once again urged the public to refrain from throwing coins into the Triton Fountain, located just outside Valletta, the capital city of Malta.   During an interview on the television program ‘Popolin’ aired on TVM, Cauchi […]

Prices In Sweden Went Up From Beyonce’s Ticket Sales

Beyonce said, Okay ladies now let’s raise the inflation 🐝👑 Sweden witnessed an extraordinary surge in demand for hotels and restaurant meals following the commencement of the singer’s highly anticipated world tour in the country last month. The impact of this frenzy is now evident in Sweden’s economic statistics 💸   In a surprising turn […]

The Best Food Platters You Can Get From Smart Supermarket

Discover and indulge in the most delicious food platters you can order from Smart Supermarket!  🤤   From the mouthwatering Italian delicacies to the authentic Maltese delights, and the savoury assortment of meats, they’re sure to have your taste buds covered 🍽✨   Assemble your platter with a wide variety of ingredients to choose from; the […]

Allen Praised For Always Doing Chores In The Villa

Love Island star Allen garners attention on social media for consistent display of household chores, notably dishwashing.       A Facebook post on ‘Love Island Malta Community’ captures the moment, accompanied by the caption: “Spot him at the kitchen sink! #HUSBANDMATERIAL.”     Comments overflow with praise for the contestant. One user commends Allen […]