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Nicolas Cage Says He Recalls His Time In The Womb

This is the most Nicolas Cage thing Nicolas Cage could’ve said 😅

Nicolas Cage was tasked with delving into his earliest recollections during his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The actor played a rapid-fire round of questions that prompted him to reminisce about his earliest memories. In classic Cage fashion, he delivered a response that was nothing short of eccentric.

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The 59-year-old actor boldly claimed that he might actually recall his time spent in his mother’s womb. “Listen, I know this sounds really far out and I don’t know if it’s real or not, but sometimes I think I can go all the way back to in-utero and feeling like I could see faces in the dark or something,” Cage exclaimed.

He said he remembered the perceiving vocal vibrations while still in utero, hinting at a truly surreal experience. “That’s going way back. I don’t know. That comes to mind. I don’t even know if I remember being in utero, but that thought has crossed my mind,” he mused.