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Over 1.5 Million Given To Local Filmmakers By The Malta Film Commission

We can expect to see more local productions soon! 🤩


The Malta Film Commission has awarded more than €1.54 million in funds to nineteen local productions under the Creative Malta scheme, which was launched in December 2022. This initiative aims to cater to the industry’s specific needs and streamline the application process to encourage creativity among filmmakers.


With a strong emphasis on thinking globally, the Creative Malta scheme aims to empower local producers and bolster the growth of homegrown productions. The ultimate goal is to raise the profile of Maltese films on an international platform, reaching a broader audience.


The Creative Malta scheme is just one of several initiatives introduced by the Government to support local productions and producers. Furthermore, the Malta Film Commission has extended the cash rebate initiative, providing up to a 50% rebate, to further support local projects. These combined efforts demonstrate the commitment of the Government to nurture and elevate the Maltese film industry, fostering its growth and success.