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11 M/O Becomes ‘World’s Most Well-Travelled Baby’ After Visiting 23 Countries

World Travelled Baby Countries


This baby is probably living a better life than all of us!



11-month-old Atlas has set a record of the ‘world’s most well-travelled baby’ after visiting 23 countries in less than a year.


His parents, Becs Lewis and Will Montgomery gave birth to little Atlas in August last year and used her maternity leave as a holiday for the whole family.


The world's most well-traveled baby has seen 23 countries in less than a year


They set off from their home in Queenstown, New Zealand and started their road trip around Europe visiting places such as Italy, Croatia and Norway.


“It has been amazing – you can see every bit of his growth. It’s great being able to travel just the three of us.”


Before turning one, Atlas will have travelled to 25 different countries by the time they reach their destination.