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Mum Burns Her Face After Trying TikTok Egg Hack

A concerned mother from the UK is issuing a serious caution against the practice of microwaving eggs following a widely spread TikTok hack that resulted in a distressing ordeal. Shafia Bashir, the mother, has been enduring intense distress as her skin suffered severe damage after she attempted to replicate a viral poached egg recipe from the internet.


Shafia Bashir showing her egg burns.


In her endeavor to create a poached egg using the popular TikTok culinary trick, the 37-year-old poured boiling water into a mug and added the egg, as per the instructions. Subsequently, she placed the mug inside the microwave, intending to cook the egg for a short span of time. Regrettably, upon touching the egg with a cold spoon, it unexpectedly erupted in a manner similar to a fountain, causing scalding burns on the right side of her face. The resulting pain was described as excruciating and marked one of the most agonizing experiences she had ever endured.


broken mug from tiktok video


Promptly seeking medical attention, Shafia was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital where healthcare professionals treated her burns. However, even after a span of 12 hours from the incident, she reported persistent stinging sensations from the injuries. Although her wounds have since healed, this mother of one remains steadfast in her efforts to advise others to exercise caution before attempting the trendy yet risky cooking technique.