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Switzerland Can Deny Your Citizenship If You’re Annoying

Switzerland has a surprising citizenship criterion – individuals can face rejection if deemed excessively annoying 🙅‍♂️🇨🇭   This unusual policy was underscored by the case of Nancy Holten, a 43-year-old Dutch woman whose Swiss passport applications were twice declined on the grounds of being “excessively annoying.”   Holten had garnered notoriety in the village of […]

UK Designer Creates Shirt From Maltese Tablecloth

Do you remember your nanna using one of these? 🤩   Pikol Clothing, a London-based artisan label specializing in repurposing vintage textiles, has ingeniously transformed a Maltese vintage souvenir cloth into a distinctive shirt, complemented by antique handwoven French linen. This extraordinary creation features a meticulously crafted shirt adorned with a map showcasing the exquisite […]

STUDY FINDS: The Top 5 Songs to Listen To While Working Out

Groove your way to the gym after this 😅   A recent research study unearthed the potent ability of music to elicit diverse emotional reactions in its listeners, ranging from elation and triumph to a spectrum of feelings like boldness, unease, sensuality, and even irritation. These findings hold significant promise, enabling therapists to meticulously curate […]

Mum Burns Her Face After Trying TikTok Egg Hack

A concerned mother from the UK is issuing a serious caution against the practice of microwaving eggs following a widely spread TikTok hack that resulted in a distressing ordeal. Shafia Bashir, the mother, has been enduring intense distress as her skin suffered severe damage after she attempted to replicate a viral poached egg recipe from […]

All Localities In Malta Celebrating The Feast Of Santa Marija

    The 15th of August is a day of vibrant celebration, joyous festivities, and deep-rooted religious devotion in Malta and Gozo as locals and visitors come together to honor the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as Santa Marija.             This annual event is marked by a series […]