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Brewery In Australia Selling Coffee For €1300 Per Cup

expensive coffee australia

  If you’re eager to savor the finest coffee offered by Brew Lab Cafe in Penrith, be prepared to set aside a significant amount of time and a substantial sum of money. The ultimate coffee experience at this cafe comes with a price tag of $1500.     The remarkable coffee beans used in this […]

New Giant Spider Discovered In Australia

Scientists have discovered a new and uncommon species of colossal trapdoor spider in Australia.   The remarkable arachnid is so enormous that it has been dubbed “Euoplos dignitas” – which translates to dignity or greatness in Latin – to reflect its impressive size.   Female spiders, which tend to be larger than males, can reach […]

Mother Caught Trying To Sell Her Child For An iPhone

An Australian mother from Queensland told a court in Australia that she wanted to swap her unborn child for an iPhone.   Not only that, but 10 days later, her two-year-old daughter and her twin 18-month-old children were found dead. Conley, a self-admitted methamphetamine addict, left her two girls in a hot car alone for more […]

Extremely Rare Albino Kangaroos Sighted In Australia

A herd of rare albino kangaroos has been observed resting at Panorama Garden Estate in Victoria, Australia.     The wildlife reserve documented the exceedingly uncommon encounter by posting photographs of the albino swarm on social media.     Albino kangaroos are occasionally misidentified as ‘white.’, in reality they get their appearance due to lack […]