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Woman Shoots & Kills Husband On Facebook Live

woman shoots husband facebook live

All that on Facebook live? 😲   On Saturday, a 28-year-old woman named Kadejah Michelle Brown was taken into custody in Mississippi for reportedly killing her husband while their children watched on a Facebook Live stream.   According to authorities, the couple had a history of domestic violence. The alleged murder was recorded on Facebook […]

Mother Caught Trying To Sell Her Child For An iPhone

An Australian mother from Queensland told a court in Australia that she wanted to swap her unborn child for an iPhone.   Not only that, but 10 days later, her two-year-old daughter and her twin 18-month-old children were found dead. Conley, a self-admitted methamphetamine addict, left her two girls in a hot car alone for more […]

Woman Murders Lookalike To Fake Her Own Death

German authorities are referring to it as the Doppelgänger Murder. A woman in Germany killed her lookalike in order to be able to fake her own death The 23-year-old Iraqi living in Germany intentionally looked for a lookalike on social media the Bavarian authorities have claimed. The murderer is Sharaban K, a Munich-based 23-year-old beautician. […]

Gzira Crash Driver Identified As Jeremie Camilleri

  Camilleri was also on probation and out on bail for multiple robberies 🚨   TRIGGER WARNING  ⚠️   Jeremie Camilleri is the man identified as the driver responsible for last night’s crash in Gzira and the death of a 30-year-old Turkish woman.   The horrific car accident happened early Wednesday morning at around 1am when […]

Roderick Cassar Told Police He was ‘Hearing Voices’ Upon Arrest

  Roderick Cassar was charged with the femicide of his wife and the mother of their 2 children. Bernice Cassar was shot dead behind the MCAST building in Kordin.   After a 17-hour stand-off, until he was arrested, Cassar also told the police he was ‘hearing voices’ upon arrest.     As a result, the […]

Angela Lansbury Sadly Passed Away At 96

angela lansbury

One of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, has died at the age of 96 😢   The three-time Oscar nominee had a career spanning eight decades, across film, theatre and television.     Dame Angela died in her sleep just five days before her 97th birthday, her family said in a statement.     View this […]

WATCH: Crowd Chases After Murder Suspect In Marsa

marsa suspect

  New footage has emerged that shows the chaos it took place in Marsa after the stabbing. The victim is a 21-year-old Egyptian and the alleged murderer is a 28-year-old Sudanese, Al Mahy Ezzo Saeed.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 89.7 Bay (@897bay)

Mario Farrugia’s Murder Suspect Arrested

  After the grisly murder of Mario Farrugia, police have identified a prime suspect.   Furthermore, they also investigated a property in Attard which may be linked to the case.     The suspect was apprehended by the police at 7PM on Wednesday. He is likely to be questioned today. Another man allegedly connected to […]

Beautiful Mural Painted In Honour Of Paulina Dembska

  What a lovely tribute 🥰👏   A beautiful mural was painted in honour of Paulina Dembska in Sliema’s Independence Park. It is in the exact same place where she was murdered on 2nd January this year.     The mural was painted by a collaboration of female artists called Malta Activists Rise to Action […]

Police Officers’ Text Messages Talking About Sarah Everard’s Murder Revealed

  ❗️Trigger Warning❗️   A series of messages sent by Met Police officers during Sarah Everard’s murder investigation have been revealed. After sharing details about Everard’s case and Wayne Couzens’ defence on a messaging app, Sergeant Simon Kempton from the Dorset Police, was accused of breaching standards of courtesy and respect, confidentiality and social media […]

Abner Aquilina Readmitted To Mount Carmel Hospital For Treatment

  Today’s sitting is the second one. Aquilina is not in court with sources having told MaltaToday that he has been readmitted to Mount Carmel Hospital for treatment.   Aquilina’s relatives were in court.     The court claims that it was informed by prison officials about 3 p.m. yesterday that the accused could not […]

Paulina Dembska’s Body Was Released For Her Funeral

  Paulina Dembska’s body has been released today!   Paulina’s funeral will be held in Poland in a few days. Family members of the victim recently were in Malta to identify her body in Mater Dei Hospital. Her body will be sent to Poland in the following hours for the funeral.     Paulina Dembska […]

Memorial Statue For Murder Victim Paulina Dembska Proposed

  Under a new initiative, proposed by Real Animal Rights (RAR), a memorial statue for Paulina Dembska may be set in the Independence Gardens.   The initiative will also make sure that the Sliema cats are taken care of as they will be provided better living conditions – with food, medicine and improving the overall […]

Who Was Paulina Dembska?

  Paulina Dembska was a 29-year-old woman from Poland. She came to Malta to study and learn English in a language school.   Paulina loved cats. She was a cat feeder at Independence Garden in Sliema and spent most of her days taking care of them and looking after them.   Paulina Dembska was gruesomely […]

Police Halt Interrogation After Murder Suspect Was Sent To Mount Carmel

  Police interrogations with the suspect of last Sunday’s murder were suspended after he had to be sent to Mount Carmel mental hospital.   The prime suspect for the murder Abner Aquilina was initially taken to Mater Dei Hospital but later had to be referred to Mount Carmel. This meant that police interrogations on the […]

Man Who Was On The Run For 16 Years In Malta Convicted Of Murder

  An English television researcher who was arrested in Malta after hiding for 16 years has been convicted of murdering a man at a marijuana farm. The man was on Europe’s most-wanted list.     Christopher Guest More was wanted for torturing and killing Brian Waters in front of his children in Tabley Cheshire in […]