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Lizzo Intends To Sue Dancers Who Are Taking Her TO Court

Lizzo is planning to counter-sue the backup dancers who are currently pursuing legal action against her.



Recent photos seem to depict her accusers enjoying themselves backstage after a risqué performance in Paris, about a month after the well-known banana incident in Amsterdam.


According to Lizzo’s attorney, Marty Singer, the newly emerged photos portray Lizzo’s accusers being quite cheerful and festive while interacting with performers from a topless cabaret show during Lizzo’s tour in Paris on March 5. This date falls roughly a month after the infamous visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam. It’s worth remembering that the accusers allege that Lizzo pressured them to partake in consuming bananas in a controversial manner during that event. However, Singer argues that the images contradict this narrative, showing the accusers interacting happily with the topless dancers backstage, identifiable by their colorful wigs. He further states that Lizzo’s accusers willingly chose to continue touring with her after the Paris show, suggesting a different picture from what they’re claiming in their lawsuit.


Adding to the complexity, around one month after the Paris backstage occurrence, one of Lizzo’s accusers, Arianna Davis, expressed her admiration for Lizzo in an audition tape, describing the journey as beautiful and expressing a desire to follow in Lizzo’s footsteps. Lizzo herself was seen in public recently, assuring that she’s doing well and focusing on new music.


Lizzo’s legal representative asserts that there’s substantial additional evidence, besides the photos and videos, which exposes stark contradictions between the plaintiffs’ claims and the actual facts.


Lizzo’s lawyer strongly criticizes the lawsuit, labeling it as a “sham.” He intends for Lizzo to file a counterclaim for malicious prosecution once the lawsuit brought by the backup dancers is resolved in her favor.