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Fire Department Adopt A Puppy They Rescued

Meet Riggs, the newest furry member of the East Haven Fire Department! 

This beagle mix pup found a loving home after a heartwarming rescue. Locked inside a heated car near Town Beach, Riggs’ fate took a lucky turn as a group of firefighters saved him from scorching temperatures of 122 degrees. Now, he’s not only found his fur-ever home but also a special role as the Station Support Dog.

East Haven Fire Department rescues beagle from hot car, adopts it

Riggs brings strength, loyalty, and resilience to their team. He is more than a mascot – he’s a source of comfort and joy for the firefighters. Whether he’s lending a paw to ease stress or sharing his wagging tail as a distraction, Riggs is here to make a difference.

Their community played a big part in naming this brave pup. With names like Cinder and Ash in the mix, “Riggs” emerged as the winner – a name that embodies the spirit of a fire truck and the qualities we stand for. Beyond the station, Riggs will be spreading smiles at community events as our ambassador.

As Riggs settles into his new role, we look forward to the positive impact he’ll bring to our firefighters and the community. Thank you for welcoming Riggs with open arms – together, we’re ready to face any challenge that comes our way.