Firefighters Save Boy From Well In Żabbar

Firefighters Boy Żabbar

  A seven-year-old boy was rescued by firefighters from the Civil Protection Department after he fell down a well containing little water, in Triq il-Kappuċin at Żabbar at around 5.30 p.m.     The child was brought out of the well with the help of a medical team from Mater Dei Hospital.     Although […]

Firefighters Rescue Two Dogs From Mtaħleb Cliffs

Civil Protection workers were called on the scene on the night between Sunday and Monday to save two medium-sized dogs who had gotten lost on the cliffs of Mtaħleb.     The firefighters couldn’t find the dogs on the night so the search had to be cancelled.   The owner of the dogs had discovered […]

Firefighters rescue squirrel stuck in manhole cover

Fire crews, police and vets have joined forces to rescue a squirrel which was stuck in a manhole cover The fire brigade in the German city of Dortmund said they responded to a call about the rodent in peril on a street next to a park. When they arrived, they spotted the tufted-eared squirrel’s head […]