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Brewery In Australia Selling Coffee For €1300 Per Cup

expensive coffee australia


If you’re eager to savor the finest coffee offered by Brew Lab Cafe in Penrith, be prepared to set aside a significant amount of time and a substantial sum of money. The ultimate coffee experience at this cafe comes with a price tag of $1500.



The remarkable coffee beans used in this brew are sourced from the slopes of a Panamanian volcano, flourishing at an impressive altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. These beans are widely regarded as some of the best globally, boasting a rating well above 90 on the coffee bean scale. The process to obtain this coffee is meticulous—Brew Lab owner and barista, Mitch Johnson, orders it only once a customer places their request. The coffee beans are then individually roasted by the experts in Panama and sent over via their private jet.


Brew Lab offers a range of coffees. Credit: 9News


Brewing the $1500 coffee requires a rigorous and precise recipe. It involves the use of pre-dampened filter paper, water heated precisely to 94 degrees Celsius, and multiple timed “pour over” sessions. Any deviation from these meticulous steps could impact the flavor delivered.



“When most people try this coffee, their initial impression is that it resembles tea more than a traditional coffee,” Johnson reveals. Unsurprisingly, there hasn’t been a line of tradespeople forming outside the cafe at 6 am eagerly awaiting the Panamanian blend.


However, for those who do order this extraordinary coffee (which so far has only been two individuals), the flavor is said to be so exquisite that it has evoked tears of joy.