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Island In Caribbean On Sale For $475,000

For $475,000, you may own Iguana Island, a private island located 12 miles off the coast of Bluefields, Nicaragua.     The five-acre island is covered in coconut trees and verdant vegetation. The island also has a main home with a living room, a dining room, a bar, and two bathrooms.   The island’s self-sufficiency […]

ESC Finland Sign Language Interpreter Goes Viral

The BBC’s sign language translator, Adrian Bailey, has become an internet sensation following his captivating performance during the coverage of Eurovision 2023.     A video clip of Bailey enthusiastically interpreting Finland’s entry, “Cha Cha Cha,” has gained traction on Twitter, garnering praise from viewers for his animated rendition of the music. Despite finishing in […]

Brewery In Australia Selling Coffee For €1300 Per Cup

expensive coffee australia

  If you’re eager to savor the finest coffee offered by Brew Lab Cafe in Penrith, be prepared to set aside a significant amount of time and a substantial sum of money. The ultimate coffee experience at this cafe comes with a price tag of $1500.     The remarkable coffee beans used in this […]

Earth Is Reaching Record Breaking Temperature Limit

In the upcoming years, our overheated world is more likely to exceed the critical temperature threshold, according to scientists.   By 2027, there is a 66% likelihood that the 1.5°C global warming target would have been exceeded, thanks in part to the increase in emissions and predicted changes in weather patterns. Even if the breach […]

Security Guard Sings Along To Taylor Swift During Show

Looks like even the security guard is a Swiftie 😎   This adorable candid video shows one of Taylor Swift’s security guards singing along to ‘I knew you were trouble’ by heart! We can’t blame him for enjoying the concert despite being there for work purposes!

Megan Fox Says That She ‘Never Ever’ Loved Her Body

In a video for her upcoming Sports Illustrated cover, which will be released on Monday, Megan Fox discussed her lifelong battle with body image.     Fox acknowledged dealing with body dysmorphia, a psychological disorder marked by a fixation with one’s appearance and perceived physical faults, despite being viewed as a sex icon. She claimed […]

Maltese Friends Take BeReal With Post Malone Mid-Show

A lucky group of friends had an unforgettable experience with Post Malone!   The group told Bay that Post Malone approached them during the concert and they asked for a BeReal picture, a selfie and a signature, for a potential tattoo.   The concert was held in Manchester and was surely a unique experience the […]