Study Finds Adding Sugar In Coffee Helps You Live Longer

Coffee study

  A new study finds that adding sugar in coffee can help all coffee drinkers out there live longer.     The study published by Annals of Internal Medicine found out that coffee addicts actually have a better chance of leading healthier and longer lives. This is because coffee drinkers are 21% less likely to […]

Barista Writes On Cup To Check If Girl Is Safe

  A barista used a unique tactic to check if a girl in the coffee shop felt safe with a man who was talking with her. The girl’s mother shared and explained the story in her Facebook and said that this happened when her daughter was in the coffee shop doing some school work.   […]

Doctor Reveals How Much Coffee You Should Actually Be Having Every Day

  In this day and age, most of us have a lowkey caffeine addiction at some point in our life… but could coffee be doing us more harm than good?     We all know that caffeine can cause high energy levels and some nasty side effects such as heart palpitations, so it comes as […]