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Penguin Swims 8,000Km To Meet Man Who Saved Him

Penguin Swim Man Saved

  What a wholesome friendship!     Dindim, a Magellanic penguin, travels 5,000 miles by sea every year to see Joao Pereira de Souza, the man who saved his life.   In 2011, Joao discovered Dindim drenched in oil and almost dead. He cared for him in his island community outside of Rio de Janeiro and […]

Professor Shows Pens With Engraved Notes For Cheating

Pens Notes Cheating

  A law professor posted a picture of the pens her pupils were using to cheat, calling the practise a form of art.     A photo by Yolanda de Lucchi shows a dozen or more BIC ballpoint pens that were engraved with notes. Lucchi, a professor at the University of Malaga in Spain, disclosed that […]

Japanese Man Makes Money For Doing Nothing

Man Money Doing Nothing

  Shoji Morimoto has a job that many of us would be jealous of.     He is actually paid to do nothing. He charges 10,000 yen only to hang out with people and act as their friend.   Sometimes he goes out to dinner, and other times he just uses it to relax and use his phone.   […]

Fairytale Village To Check Out On Your Trip To Austria

Fairytale Village Austria

  This place is an absolute dream!     Hallstatt is a village on Lake Hallstatt in Austria’s Salzkammergut region.     This 16th century village is filled with Alpine houses, cute cafes and shops. This place is also connected to Salzwelten by a funicular railway and to Echern Valley by a trail.   Would […]

Disgusting Reason Why Your iPhone Got Quieter

Disgusting iPhone Quiet

  If you’re experiencing some sound problems on your iPhone, we might’ve figured out what’s wrong.     Although a quieter speaker can make phone calls more challenging, you might not need to get a new phone or speaker. In a recent Facebook post, iDoctor iPhone & Android Repairs revealed how filthy iPhones can become […]

Study Finds People Actually Become Adults In Their 30s

Study Adults People 30

  What are your thoughts on this?   According to recent studies, people don’t become adults until they’re in their 30s.   “To have a definition of when you move from childhood to adulthood looks increasingly absurd… It’s a much more nuanced transition that takes place over three decades.” – Professor Peter Jones from Cambridge […]

Some Of The World’s Most Unique Lakes

World Unique Lakes

  Diving into the mesmerizing beauty of some of the world’s most unique lakes!     From pink colours to deadly waters, these lakes never cease to amaze.   Check out some of the most unique lakes worldwide:   Lake Hillier, Australia     Jellyfish Lake, Palau     Exploding Lakes, Democratic Republic of the […]

Woman Prays To A Shrek Buddha For 4 Yrs By Mistake

Woman Prays Shrek Buddha

  We believe in Shrek!     A woman in the Philippines prayed to a Buddha statue she bought from a shop for four years.   She had been praying to a Buddha statue until a friend revealed to her it was actually Shrek.     How would you react if this happened to you?  

Haunted Spots Perfect For Ghost Hunting In Malta

Haunted Spots Ghost Hunting Malta

  It’s Ghost Hunting Day today – check out our list of places to ghost hunt in Malta!   Check them out here:   Mdina     Manoel Theatre, Valletta     Villa Sans Souci, Marsaxlokk     Jerma Palace Hotel, Marsaskala     Splendid Hotel, Valletta     White Rocks, Pembroke     The […]

Otis & Jean’s House From Sex Education Is For Sale

Have you caught a glimpse of this house in the series?   The enchanting riverside residence, made famous as the backdrop for Otis and Jean Milburn’s home in the hit Netflix series “Sex Education,” has undeniably become an iconic element of the show’s surreal and whimsical universe. Although the series unfolds in the fictional town […]

Pilot Snorted Cocaine Off Topless Woman Pre-Flight

What do you make of this?⬇️     A British Airways pilot faced termination from his job after engaging in inappropriate behaviour while off-duty and prior to attempting to operate a fully occupied flight. Mike Beaton, who is married, openly discussed the incident with a female flight attendant, candidly admitting his misconduct.   In recounting […]

Christina Aguilera Working On Burlesque Musical

Get ready for a night of dazzling fun✨     Christina Aguilera is taking on the role of executive producer for a brand-new stage musical inspired by her 2010 film, Burlesque!   The Grammy-winning artist is set to serve as an executive producer for this exciting adaptation, titled Burlesque: The Musical. The script for the […]

Kylie Jenner Makes Heads Turn At Paris Fashion Week

Kylie never disappoints🤩     Paris Fashion Week is well underway and several stars and big names are heading over to Paris!   From fashion shows on and off the runways, everyone is dressing to impress, and Kylie Jenner is no exception ✨   The 26-year-old stunned in a long, tight fitted, glamourous dress that […]

Pokémon And Van Gogh Museum Team Up

The collaboration we didn’t know we need!     Pokémon and the Van Gogh museum are teaming up in order to teach youngsters in the Netherlands more about the great work of  Vincent Van Gogh. Emilie Gordenker, the general director of the Van Gogh Museum, expressed enthusiasm for this unique collaboration. She stated, “This collaboration […]