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Pokémon And Van Gogh Museum Team Up

The collaboration we didn’t know we need!



Pokémon and the Van Gogh museum are teaming up in order to teach youngsters in the Netherlands more about the great work of  Vincent Van Gogh.

Emilie Gordenker, the general director of the Van Gogh Museum, expressed enthusiasm for this unique collaboration. She stated, “This collaboration will allow the next generation to get to know Vincent van Gogh’s art and life story in a refreshing way. The Van Gogh Museum and The Pokémon Company have drawn on many years of educational expertise to create a special experience for children, their supervisors, and we hope many others at the Van Gogh Museum”.

The collaboration is designed to bring Van Gogh's work to a younger generation.

Among the activities is a tutorial on how to sketch Pikachu, appealing to fans of the beloved Pokémon character. Additionally, the museum delves into the profound influence of Japanese art and culture on Van Gogh’s artistic vision and worldview, establishing a captivating connection between the iconic artist and this rich cultural heritage.