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Some Of The World’s Most Unique Lakes

World Unique Lakes


Diving into the mesmerizing beauty of some of the world’s most unique lakes!



From pink colours to deadly waters, these lakes never cease to amaze.


Check out some of the most unique lakes worldwide:


Lake Hillier, Australia


Lake Hillier – ShotbyLukeWilliams


Jellyfish Lake, Palau


In Palau, Taking the Bait to Swim With Jellyfish - The New York Times


Exploding Lakes, Democratic Republic of the Congo / Rwanda / Cameroon


The Exploding Lakes of Africa: The True, Tragic Story - AZ Animals


Spotted Lake, Canada


kłlilx'w (Spotted Lake) in Osoyoos BC


Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan


A Travel Guide To Kaindy Lake In Kazakhstan | Travel.Earth


Boiling Lake, Dominica


Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge and Ti Kwen Glo Cho | Just Go Dominica


Tri-colored Lakes, Indonesia


Kelimutu National Park: Lakes Of Mount Kelimutu Indonesia