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Dead Ray Found By NGO In Illegal Fishing Nets

Well done to the NGO Żibel for raising awareness!




NGO Żibel utilized social media to raise awareness for World Ocean’s Day 2023, highlighting their significant accomplishment of collecting nearly 100 nets over the span of three years.


“The future of our oceans depends on their health,” emphasized the NGO, shedding light on their most recent discovery of a net entangled on the Hephaestus wreck in Xatt l-Aħmar, Gozo.


The NGO shared, “Among the lifeless fish, we also encountered a small ray,” revealing that despite fishing on wrecks being prohibited, they have received reports of nets and cages from at least two other wrecks this month.


As wrecks serve as sanctuaries for marine life, nets become entangled when fishermen venture too close to these submerged vessels, posing dangers to both divers and the marine ecosystem.


Expressing gratitude towards divers who promptly report such incidents, the NGO expressed their commitment to be present on-site as soon as weather conditions allow, in order to minimize the potential damage inflicted.