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Selena Gomez Hilariously Flirts With Football Players

Who says Selena Gomez’s flirting skills are anything less than perfect?



In a recent Tiktok, Selena hilariously documented her attempts to catch the attention of soccer players, aiming for a major win in her dating life.


From the sidelines, Selena confidently exclaims, “I’m single!” to the oblivious soccer players engrossed in their match. She playfully adds, “I might be a bit high maintenance, but I’ll love you so much.”


In a TikTok video posted on June 8, captioned “The struggle man lol,” the bundled-up “Wolves” singer shared her amusing experience.


Fans flooded the comments, expressing disbelief that the athletes didn’t succumb to Selena’s charm!


“Imagine playing soccer and hearing Selena Gomez say this to you. It’s my ultimate dream,” one user wrote, while another commented, “I can’t believe those men didn’t realize it was actually Selena Gomez. I would have run over to her.”


See the video here: