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Watching Porn Frequently Can Damage Relationships

A study conducted by Brigham Young University researchers has revealed that watching pornography can harm romantic relationships. After questioning 3,500 participants, the researchers discovered that individuals who consumed porn were less satisfied in their relationships, as evidenced by lower levels of perceived relationship stability – meaning they believed their relationships were less likely to last. […]

Weather Reporter Passes Out On Live TV

weather reporter passes out

During a live morning broadcast on CBS Los Angeles KCAL News, the co-anchors noticed that something was wrong when weather presenter Alissa Carlson Schwartz appeared to be unwell.     As they were wrapping up their segment and handing over to Alissa for the 7:00am weather update, she suddenly slumped backwards and fell unconscious.   […]

Fans Shocked After Seeing Liam Payne’s New Face

liam payne new face

Do you think he’s had some surgery done? 👀     Fans of Liam Payne were in for a surprise as they caught sight of the One Direction star at Louis Tomlinson’s ‘All of Those Voices’ documentary premiere in London.   I see no difference — Ivy (fan acc) (@taysmaroonn) March 18, 2023   […]

STUDY FINDS: 94% Of Maltese People Are Happy With Their Lives

94% maltese happy life

Do you agree with these statistics? 🤔   According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, an overwhelming majority of Malta’s residents – 94% – reported feeling satisfied with their current lives. The survey also revealed that the top concerns of Maltese citizens are rising prices, criminality, immigration, the environment, and climate change.   Nonetheless, 73% of […]

Taylor Swift Breaks Record For Biggest Female Concert

On the opening night of her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift made history by setting a new record for the most attended female concert in the United States with over 69,000 people in attendance. The concert was held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on April 30, 2022. Swift’s previous record was set in 2018, with […]

EU Citizens May Soon Need A Visa To Enter The UK

The ETA requirement is expected to extend to citizens of the European Union by the end of 2024.   The system will be similar to the American ESTA and will require applicants to answer questions online before awaiting a decision. The cost of an ETA is not yet known but is estimated to be around […]

Sex Twice Weekly Can Reduce Heart Disease In Men

Research indicates that having sex at least twice a week for men and a satisfying sex life for women may lower the risk of heart attack.   Sex can provide various benefits such as exercise, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and better sleep. Additionally, intimacy can enhance bonding in relationships.   Dr. Blah, the Clinical […]

Selena Is The First Woman To Reach 400M Followers

selena 400m followers

Selena Gomez has achieved a remarkable milestone on Instagram by garnering over 400 million followers! 🤩   Not only has the talented actress and singer become the woman with the most followers on the platform, but she’s also the first female to ever hit this colossal number 📱     View this post on Instagram […]

Storm Helios Causes €1.8M In Damages Claims

According to the Malta Insurance Agency, the gale-force storm Helios that occurred in February resulted in damages exceeding €1.8 million.   The storm caused significant rainfall and wreaked havoc on various properties, businesses, yachts, and vehicles, leading to insurance claims.   Commercial policies such as those covering engineering and electrical equipment and industrial property accounted […]