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STUDY FINDS: 94% Of Maltese People Are Happy With Their Lives

94% maltese happy life

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According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, an overwhelming majority of Malta’s residents – 94% – reported feeling satisfied with their current lives. The survey also revealed that the top concerns of Maltese citizens are rising prices, criminality, immigration, the environment, and climate change.

A changing Malta: More crowded, more foreigners, more men

Nonetheless, 73% of those interviewed held positive opinions about living in Malta. Moreover, 46% of respondents expressed optimism about the future, believing that their lives will improve over the next twelve months.


Additionally, 91% described their household’s financial situation as either very good or rather good.


The report is based on a sample size of 504 interviews conducted with Maltese citizens aged 15 and over. The European Commission’s Representation in Malta issued a statement about the report’s findings.