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Tuna In Distress Spotted In Għadira Bay

tuna ghadira bay


Talk about making a splash! 🌊


On the first day of summer, a chaotic incident unfolded at the bustling Għadira Bay, as a sizable and agitated tuna fish created quite a stir, prompting beachgoers to hastily flee to safety. A clip uploaded on Instagram by @john_stephen_turner, captured the moment when panic ensued among the individuals present.



According to Stephen, who was present at the scene, the sighting of the massive fish triggered immediate shouts from the onlookers. Some mistook it for a dolphin, while others harbored concerns that it could potentially be a shark. The uncertainty surrounding the species of the creature further added to the overall sense of apprehension.


The incident served as a startling reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the importance of maintaining vigilance in coastal areas. While the disruption caused momentary panic, no injuries were reported, and the situation eventually subsided, allowing beachgoers to resume their day in a more tranquil environment.