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Best Diving Spots To Check Out This Summer

Tag someone you’d go diving with👇🌊 Check out the best diving spots around Malta and Gozo: The Blenheim Bomber, Xrobb L’Ghagin Dwejra, Gozo Hondoq, Gozo HMS Maori, Valletta Um El Faroud, Wied Qrendi Arch and Madonna Statue, Cirkewwa Ghar Lapsi caves

10 Inch ‘Penis Fish’ Swarm Beach In Argentina

Locals in Argentina were taken by surprise when they stumbled upon a fascinating sight at a beach near Rio Grande 😅   These peculiar creatures, measuring about 10 inches in length and fleshy-colored, have earned their humorous nickname due to their striking resemblance to the human appendage. Typically inhabiting the sea floor, severe storms in […]

Australian Sailor And His Dog Survive 2 Months At Sea

What a miraculous survival!     Tim Shaddock, a 51-year-old Sydney resident, embarked on a voyage from Mexico to French Polynesia in April with his dog Bella. However, their boat was damaged during a storm a few weeks later, leaving them stranded in the Pacific Ocean. After being spotted by a helicopter, they were rescued […]

Group Of Dolphins Spotted Off The Maltese Coast

Malta’s local celebrities steal the show🐬     A mesmerizing video captured by @acciola shows a large group of dolphins swimming near the coast of Malta 😍 “These dolphins spotted during our morning boat trip are actually local residents of Malta, not those at the Sataya Lagoon,” @acciola clarified while sharing the stunning footage. Copperstone […]

Tuna In Distress Spotted In Għadira Bay

tuna ghadira bay

  Talk about making a splash! 🌊   On the first day of summer, a chaotic incident unfolded at the bustling Għadira Bay, as a sizable and agitated tuna fish created quite a stir, prompting beachgoers to hastily flee to safety. A clip uploaded on Instagram by @john_stephen_turner, captured the moment when panic ensued among […]

Dolphins Spotted Off The Coast Of Comino

A beautiful sight 🐬🌊   This morning, an incredible sight unfolded as a lively pod of dolphins gracefully emerged off the captivating coast of Comino, offering a breathtaking spectacle of nature’s wonder. The majestic creatures, with their sleek bodies and playful demeanor, danced amidst the sparkling waves, filling the air with joy and awe.   […]