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Tuna In Distress Spotted In Għadira Bay

tuna ghadira bay

  Talk about making a splash! 🌊   On the first day of summer, a chaotic incident unfolded at the bustling Għadira Bay, as a sizable and agitated tuna fish created quite a stir, prompting beachgoers to hastily flee to safety. A clip uploaded on Instagram by @john_stephen_turner, captured the moment when panic ensued among […]

13-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Shark And Survives

13 Girl Shark Survives

  What a brave girl!     After being attacked twice, a 13-year-old was able to repel a large shark.   On May 11, Ella Reed was taking a swim off the coast of Florida when a six-foot-long bull shark charged at her and bit into her ribs.   “It wouldn’t leave me alone, so […]