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The Biggest Dating Icks For Men And Women

Dating Icks Men Women

  From chewing loudly to horrible reverse parking, we all have our dating icks – so let’s dive into some of the most popular ones for men and women.   Check out the icks below:   Icks about men: Wears a backpack in the bar on a Friday night Tries to start a conga line […]

Women Who Sleep With Their Dogs Have Better Rest

Women Sleep Dogs

  According to research by Canisius College in New York State, women who sleep with dogs get more sleep than those who sleep with cats or human partners.     A survey of almost 1,000 US women revealed that having dogs in bed reduced distractions and increased feelings of security and comfort.   “We found […]

Women Celebrated At The Peach Party For Pride

Peach is presenting a new party, with all the details in their poster! 🍑   Additionally, a couple of concealed delights are in store, prepared discreetly by the organizing team..   The featured artists will be: @sssssunta 💥 @davvy_p_malta 💥 @tiffanypisaniofficial 💥   Anticipation is high for the approaching gathering.. don’t miss out!  

Qantas Drops Makeup/Heel Rule For Women’s Uniform

No makeup or high heels required!     Qantas Airlines has introduced more flexible uniform regulations, specifically for female flight attendants, allowing them to forgo makeup and high heels.   In a significant departure from previous guidelines, Qantas has decided to update its uniform policies, marking the first time in ten years.   Furthermore, male […]

Women Will Be Allowed To Swim Topless In Berlin

women topless swimming

  An interesting new law in Berlin 😳     The authorities in Berlin have issued a new rule allowing women to swim without a top on in public pools. This decision was made in response to legal action taken by a woman who had been kicked out from an open-air pool for sunbathing topless.  […]

7 Safe Countries For Women To Travel Solo

Safe Countries Women Travel Solo

Looking for countries to start your next solo adventure? Check out the top 7 safest countries we recommend for solo female travel.     Although nowhere can be 100% safe, these European countries were found to be safer and calmer than others.   Check out the countries here:   Finland     Belgium     […]

Celebrating Women’s Achievements Through The Years

In honour of Women’s Day today, let’s take a look at the groundbreaking things that women across the world did along the years 💖   Agatha Barbara   Rosa Parks     Serena Williams & Simone Biles   Malala Yousafzai   Mabel Strickland     Jane Goodall   Frida Kahlo