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The Biggest Dating Icks For Men And Women

Dating Icks Men Women


From chewing loudly to horrible reverse parking, we all have our dating icks – so let’s dive into some of the most popular ones for men and women.


Check out the icks below:


Icks about men:

  • Wears a backpack in the bar on a Friday night
  • Tries to start a conga line on a night out and fails
  • Claps when the plane lands
  • Says ‘what’s the damage’ when the bill comes
  • Introduces themselves as an ‘entrepreneur’
  • Standing there naked waiting for the shower to get hot
  • Posts selfies every time he goes to the gym
  • Is rude to his mum


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Icks about women:

  • “Women don’t like me. I find it easier to be friends with men.”
  • Asks for your star sign on the first date
  • Reads books about how to get rich
  • Bad grammar
  • Consults her girl chat on everything
  • Edward scissor hands nails
  • Wants a hot girl summer every year
  • Can’t reverse park
  • Chews loudly