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Wednesday Actor Fired For Sexual Abuse Allegations

Actor Percy Hynes White is being faced with serious allegations. The 22-year-old Canadian actor Percy Hynes White, who portrays Xavier Thorpe, has been removed from the series Wednesday after allegations were made against him. The actor was accused on Twitter of organizing a party where he allegedly provided alcohol to underage girls and engaged in […]

Wednesday Becomes The Most Watched Netflix Show

Netflix’s most successful series has broken records!     Wednesday, Tim Burton’s latest series, has surpassed Stranger Things season four as the most-watched English-language series on Netflix.   Netflix has changed its approach to determining its most popular content since 2021. Previously, the Top 10 list was based on the total number of hours watched […]

Jenna Says Wednesday S2 Will Be A Lot Darker

Wednesday is ‘ditching romance’!     The popular Netflix series’ second season is “going to get bolder, more dark,” according to Wednesday star Jenna Ortega. When asked about her character’s love triangle in season one, Ortega previously said, “Everything that Wednesday does, everything I had to do, did not make sense at all for her […]

Jenna Ortega Rejected Role As Wednesday Many Times

During an interview with The Times about her Hollywood experience, the 20-year-old Jenna Ortega confessed to rejecting the role that later became her claim to fame.   When asked if she pursued the role, Ortega responded in the negative, citing her exhaustion with TV work and her desire to focus on film.   Ortega also […]

Jenna Ortega Reacts To Bizarre ‘Wednesday’ Tattoo

bizarre wednesday tattoo

More like Wednesday L. Jackson 🤣   Last year, the release of Wednesday on Netflix captured the world’s attention. The show became a sensation, with everyone talking about it and even doing the TikTok dance.   Additionally, it sparked a resurgence of goth culture. However, the world was particularly amazed when a tattoo appeared on […]