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Jenna Ortega Reacts To Bizarre ‘Wednesday’ Tattoo

bizarre wednesday tattoo

More like Wednesday L. Jackson 🤣


Last year, the release of Wednesday on Netflix captured the world’s attention. The show became a sensation, with everyone talking about it and even doing the TikTok dance.


Additionally, it sparked a resurgence of goth culture. However, the world was particularly amazed when a tattoo appeared on social media that seemed to pay tribute to Wednesday Addams.


Although it was intended to reference the beloved character, the tattoo appeared to be a combination of Wednesday and Samuel L. Jackson. The tattoo quickly gained popularity and it’s highly likely that Jenna Ortega, who played Wednesday in the Netflix series, also saw it and said: “Oh my God…I almost made it my profile photo.”


Do you think it looks like Wednesday? 🤨