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Survey Shows Gozitans Are Happier Than Maltese

Seems like the key to happiness is moving to Gozo 😅


According to a recent survey measuring happiness in the country, people living in the South of Malta are happier than those living in the North. The survey, which had 9,000 participants, found that Gozitans were the happiest, while people from Sliema were among the least happy due to issues such as development and pollution.

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The results also revealed that in general, women were less happy than men, and young people felt happier than older people. Furthermore, between 2018 and 2021, the number of people who feel alone increased.


Economist Marie Briguglio observed that the unhappiest localities were among the most populated in the country and noted common themes of excessive development, air pollution, and poverty. However, the survey also showed that Malta has remained economically strong, and satisfaction in the workplace has increased.

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Dr. Briguglio explained that these differences in happiness levels could be attributed to regional factors, and highlighted that for every negative in a particular area, there were positive statistics in another region.


These results were released during the week that Malta commemorated the International Day of Happiness as part of the Wellbeing Index project, which involved the Foundation for the Good of Society and the University of Malta. The Chairperson of the Foundation, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, emphasized the need to address these challenges.