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Man Spends Life Savings To Send 33 People To College

Man Life Savings People College

  Dale Schroeder from Iowa put in a lot of work for the same business during a 67-year period.   Despite having no family and a humble upbringing, he got a substantial fortune. It was discovered after his death in 2005 that he had been saving for a very important goal.     He had told his lawyer about his intention before his death and mentioned that he wanted to support children in attending college as he had never been able to do so.   Ultimately, 33 strangers were able to pursue further education thanks to his legacy.     Thanks to Schroeder’s amazing generosity, this group, now known as “Dale’s kids,” went on to become doctors, teachers, therapists, and more.   The only thing Schroeder asked of them was to “pay it forward.” They can’t pay him back, but they can honour his memory by carrying on his legacy of helping others in overcoming obstacles to education related to […]

5K Study Participants Claim There Is Life After Death

Do you believe in life after death? 🤔 The question that often arises in everyone’s mind is where we go or what happens to us after we die. Dr. Jeffrey Long from Kentucky, who has studied around 5000 near-death experiences, believes without a doubt that there is life after death. Dr. Long explains that no […]

STUDY FINDS: 94% Of Maltese People Are Happy With Their Lives

94% maltese happy life

Do you agree with these statistics? 🤔   According to the latest Eurobarometer survey, an overwhelming majority of Malta’s residents – 94% – reported feeling satisfied with their current lives. The survey also revealed that the top concerns of Maltese citizens are rising prices, criminality, immigration, the environment, and climate change.   Nonetheless, 73% of […]