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Rare Super Blue Moon To Appear Tomorrow Night

This week will unveil a celestial spectacle, offering a delightful treat to those who gaze at the stars: the super blue moon of August.



The rare lunar phenomenon is set to reach its peak on Wednesday night, although it will appear quite similar on both Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The term “super blue moon” encompasses the convergence of two distinct lunar occurrences: a supermoon and a blue moon.

A supermoon transpires when the moon approaches its closest distance to Earth during its orbit, resulting in a larger and more luminous presence in the nighttime sky.

On the other hand, a blue moon denotes the second full moon that emerges within a single calendar month.

The fusion of these two phenomena results in a visually breathtaking exhibition that captivates those who observe the heavens.

According to Astronomy Ireland, the occurrence of a super blue moon last transpired in 2009 and won’t repeat until 2037.