Dubai Building Moon-Shaped Resort

  This resort is meant to simulate conditions on the surface of the moon.   The resort will cost a staggering 5$ Billion to build.   The idea is that visitors can “travel” to the moon without having to leave earth.     Creating a place for people to get to experience living in conditions […]

Top 5 Astronomy Events Taking Place In August

astronomy august

  There is plenty to see in the night sky throughout August, including one of the most popular meteor showers to great views of the ringed jewel of the solar system.   Check out our top astronomy events to mark on your calendar!     The Sturgeon Moon   The 3rd and final supermoon of […]

Brightest Supermoon Of 2022: Tomorrow At 9PM


  Last month, Malta saw the Strawberry Moon and now, July’s full moon is set to rise on Wednesday, July 13th.       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 89.7 Bay (@897bay)   The full moon is also known as the Buck Moon, it will be visible all around the […]

Why is the US racing to return to the Moon?

US Vice-President Mike Pence has ordered Nasa to return astronauts to the Moon within five years, with a woman first in line to set foot on the lunar surface. Referencing China’s recent successful robotic mission to the far side of the Moon, he said: ‘We’re in a space race today, just as we were in […]

Malta to witness largest Supermoon of 2019 tonight

Stargazers in Malta and Gozo are set to be treated to the largest supermoon of the year tonight. Those lucky enough be under clear skies can glimpse what is promising to be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year so far,. Tonight’s moon is the second of three supermoons to be visible in […]

Moon landings photographs that are out of this world

A Chinese spacecraft has made the first-ever landing on the far side of the moon in the latest achievement for the country’s space programme. Here we take a look back at some of the images from successful moon landings from the past 50 years.   First moon landing July 20, 1969 – Apollo 11 The first landing […]

Spacecraft makes first landing on Moon’s far side

A Chinese spacecraft has made the first-ever landing on the far side of the Moon. The unmanned lunar explorer touched down on Thursday morning. It is carrying instruments to examine the region’s geology, as well as other experiments. Chinese state media called the landing ‘a major milestone in space exploration’. While past missions have been to […]

Where to see this week’s total lunar eclipse in Malta

The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century is coming this week. It’s a chance to enjoy an amazing cosmic phenomenon taking place right above us in Malta and Gozo. Who can forget the celestial spectacle of 2015, as we all gathered to watch Europe’s biggest solar eclipse since 1999?. And the good news […]

When to see the supermoon over Malta this weekend

If you look up at the moon this weekend it might look bigger and brighter than usual. That’s because it’s a supermoon!   Unlike the sun, it’s safe to look directly at the moon and you can use a telescope or binoculars. If you miss the supermoon because of cloudy weather over Malta, you can […]