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Pope Francis Says Sex Is Beautiful & Tinder Is Normal

pope francis tinder


The pope stating facts 👀



According to a recent documentary on Disney+ titled ‘The Pope: Answers’, Pope Francis has expressed his belief that sex is one of the beautiful things that God has created. He also mentioned that he considers the use of dating apps like Tinder to be completely normal.


Pope Francis says it is normal to use Tinder


During the documentary, which was filmed in June 2022 during the Pope’s “open dialogue” with ten young adults in Rome, he shared his views on a range of topics, including masturbation, racism, migration, abortion, and the LGBTQ+ community. The documentary was released on April 5th and offers insights into the Pope’s thoughts and beliefs on various issues.



In the film, he said: “Sex is one of the beautiful things that God has given to the human person.” Following that, the group of young adults asked the Pope for his thoughts on the use of dating apps such as Tinder by young people to seek romantic relationships. He responded: “It’s normal. Young people have that eagerness to meet each other, and that’s very good.”