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Sweden Officially Declares Sex As A Sport

Sweden made a ground-breaking declaration recognizing sex as a sport and announcing the “European Sex Championship.”     This unusual contest will test competitors’ physical stamina while celebrating the art of connection through up to six-hour long sex sessions. The competition, which will begin on June 8 and last for six weeks, will draw competitors […]

Pope Francis Says Sex Is Beautiful & Tinder Is Normal

pope francis tinder

  The pope stating facts 👀     According to a recent documentary on Disney+ titled ‘The Pope: Answers’, Pope Francis has expressed his belief that sex is one of the beautiful things that God has created. He also mentioned that he considers the use of dating apps like Tinder to be completely normal.   […]

Sex Twice Weekly Can Reduce Heart Disease In Men

Research indicates that having sex at least twice a week for men and a satisfying sex life for women may lower the risk of heart attack.   Sex can provide various benefits such as exercise, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and better sleep. Additionally, intimacy can enhance bonding in relationships.   Dr. Blah, the Clinical […]